What is the Importance of a Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is not only an important part of your resume and can land you an interview at the workplace, it can also land you jobs afterwords. In this day and age where people's resumes are reviewed over again before they are even looked at, references and letters of recommendations can help land you that interview. A letter of recommendation or reference letter, also called a letter of recommendation, is basically a document in which your past employers or supervisors evaluate the quality of your job performance, as well as the extent of your good work ethics and personality. This can be written in a number of ways such as in the form of a letter, a note or scanned document.

It is advisable that you take special care to ensure your letters of recommendations are written in the form of a letter from you to the individual you are recommending to, including your full name and address, their contact number and ideally, a map to their place of work. It may concern you to note that some companies do not want to see any letter or references other than your full name and telephone number. You need to include your name, address and telephone number if you wish to submit such letters or references in any job advertisement/solicitations. However, if you include the information in your letter, it is then considered a Strong recommendation. It may concern you if the company or employer has already made a request for your previous work history, so make sure that the letter includes your name along with the dates you worked there, and what you did there.

If you intend to submit your letter or references in person, it is advisable to have a hard copy sent to the company or the prospective employer. If you intend sending it through the post, ensure that the address, date and label are on the envelope. To ensure that you do not offend your future employer and to avoid any misunderstanding with the company officials, be sure to write your letter or references in a neat, well-formatted and professional hard copy. You can also order your letter from a reputable letter of recommendation service. Once you have carefully written your letter of recommendation, send it along with a cover letter or a resume to let your future employer know who you are, what you have done and what your main objectives are for this particular job.

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